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Coop in the News:

November, 2015: Tom Slayton's VPR commentary celebrates our 80th anniversary cookbook.

May, 2010: Alice Levitt, 7Days food writer, spills the on what it takes to be a judge for the Blackfly Pie Contest.

March, 2010: The kitchen is licensed for food preparation, thanks to three years of work by countless community members.

Jan, 2009:We rang in the New Year with two upgrades: indoor plumbing, and a credit card machine.

May, 2007:
We've been vlogged: the 2007 Black Fly Festival is featured on the Seven Days video blog, "Stuck in Vermont."

Late Fall, 2006:
After a 10-year dry spell, water has finally reached to Co-op. We hope to celebrate the first flush sometime early in the new year.


Welcome to the Co-op!

General store, Post office, and Communty Hub since 1935

Uncommon nourishment for body & soul


Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, pick up by 5pm

Sat 9-11:30am

Phone orders/Curbside Pickup or Walk Up Window


Become a member or renew today:
$15 for an individual, $25 for a famly, per year gets you food! fun! discounts! voting rights! and so much more. You can request a membership form by email.


Local Foods:  

Co-op carries a wide variety of Local Food,  George's "direct from the hens to you" eggs, Eva's baked treats, Manghi's bread, and fabulous scones inspired by Hel's Kitchen.

It's uncommonly good!


Black Fly Festival

Adamant Music School

Vermont Alliance of Independant Country Stores

Vermont Preservation Trust

Freeman Foundation


Covid has changed most things in our lives, but on cue, the blackflies returned to Adamant — undaunted and meddlesome as usual. To greet them, residents of downtown Adamant turned their houses/driveways/lawns/porches into larger-than-life-blackfly-inspired parade floats.

Click on the video to see what they did!


On the shelves this week:

On the Co-op's front, lawn pumpkins galore, large and small, all for sale! And on our shelves, Honeycrisp apples, Bartlett pears, red beets, organic carrots, sweet red peppers, salad greens, Delicata squash, to name but a few items. You'll also find our usual array of excellent cheeses from near and far, craft beers, excellent wines, breads from Manghi and Patchwork bakeries. We hope to see you soon!




The Coop Needs Volunteers

If you have any interest in volunteering, please contact Lindy Johnson at, or Janet MacLeod at  They can give you more information about volunteering, and share some fun stories from their own experiences.  And by the way, in addition to all the wonderful, warm, fuzzy feelings you'll get from volunteering at the Adamant Coop, you'll also get a volunteer discount on your purchases.



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ADAMANT COOKBOOKS ARE HERE! This gorgeous — and award winning — book combines recipes, vignettes of life in our small Vermont village, and original artwork painted by Janet MacLeod in her studio above the store. The cookbook is part of the Co-op's 80th birthday celebration. To order one, please call or email us. Cookbooks are $30 plus tax. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. for an additional $5.75.