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Got baked treats!

• We get fresh baked goods every Mon, Thurs and Fri morning. Scones, brownies, cookies, cakes! Perfect for a treat with your midday coffee or tea.




Every week the Coop offers special deals on produce and/or cheese and/or meat. You don't have to be a member to order, but members do get a better price! Email Liz at to let her know what you'd like to order.

PA peach season continues! You can get your crates of peaches at the Adamant Coop for a special pre-order price! As in previous years, we are only offering whole crates of peaches. If you'd like to share a crate, please arrange that amongst yourselves. 

Peaches will be available for pick up on Tuesdays this year, so place your order by Sunday evening at 5PM. 
Email Liz at to let her know what you'd like to order.
Prices are as follows:
staff members: $61.40/crate
Coop members: $64.72/crate
Nonmembers: $76.79/crate
Please try to remember to bring your own boxes or bags to pick up your peaches. If you need to take the crate itself home, there is a $7.00 crate deposit, returnable upon return of the crate.
To make your order, please email Liz by Sunday 5PM. 

Happy peach eating!


If you are not a Co-op member and would like to become one, you can become one next time you visit the Co-op. Or email for the member form. Coop membership is just $15/person or $25/family per year.