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Got baked treats!

• We get fresh baked goods from Hel's Kitchen every Mon and Thurs morning. Scones, brownies, cookies, sticky buns! Perfect for a treat with your midday coffee or tea.



Every week the Coop offers special deals on produce and/or cheese and/or meat. You don't have to be a member to order, but members do get a better price! Simply click on the link below to view the prices and place your order.

Even easier: email Liz at to let her know what you'd like to order. Please order by Wednesday at 4PM for delivery on Thursday. We will call you when your order is ready. 

Produce specials for the week of Sept 20, 2017:

 To order on-line, click here 

And finally... our Sept cheese of the month is  Swiss Gruyere 


Gruyere is a buttery, toasty-flavored, hard cheese with a firm but smooth, dense texture. It is this density that makes it stronger and less stringy than Emmental when heated, so it melts evenly, and is better for grating, grilling, and in soups and baked goods.

Gruyere has a wonderful complexity of flavors – at first fruity, then revealing a more earthy, nutty characteristic that lingers on the palate. It pairs well with many foods, including fall fruits, such as apples and pears, and makes an amazing complement to tarts and quiches.

Adamant Coop members get 10% off the cheese of the month! 


If you are not a Co-op member and would like to become one, you can become one next time you visit the Co-op. Or email for the member form. Coop membership is just $15/person or $25/family per year.