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How To Call In Your Order for Curbside Pickup

Phone Orders accepted:

Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm for pick up by 5pm

Sat 9:30am-11am for pick up by noon

Payment options are Adamant account (It’s easy to start one! Please inquire when calling in your order), credit card, and check.

Have your list and payment ready, and call 802-223-5760.

We’ll take down your information and list. If you prefer substitutes or just omitting items we do not have, please let us know your preference.
Please make sure your order is complete. Additional items called in later will be considered a second order.

Pick up is curbside, on our porch facing Quarry Rd.

Your items will be in a bag or box clearly labeled with your name. Please check your box/bag to make sure all items are there. Refrigerated, frozen, and alcohol purchases will be inside, and a note will be stapled to your order indicating items being held inside. Please bring ID for alcohol purchase.

Please knock on the porch door, and then back away at least 6 feet to where the dumpster is. We will open the door to assist you and you can give us your name. We will then bring the groceries out to the porch steps and leave them there for you. Please wait to retrieve them until we have gone inside. 

To pay by check, please locate your order total on the form and knock on the porch door to let us know you're there with payment.


Store Inventory

Browse through photos of our store inventory here*Inventory and prices subject to change. 

Our inventory varies day by day, depending on distributor inventory, delivery schedules, and customer purchases. We will do out best to fill your order with everything you ask for that we have in stock.

For individual departments, please click on the heading to look at photos of selected inventory. Under each department heading, you'll find a list of many items we typically stock. New items are added frequently. Availability not guaranteed. We've tried to add as many details as we can to assist you with making your selections for your order. 


Dairy & Eggs:


Meat & Fish: 


Additional Frozen Items: 

NEW! American Flatbread Pizza is back! Also we have Rhapsody Tempeh!


Our produce stock varies day by day, depending on what is available to be delivered to us and what our inventory levels are at the store. Below is a list of items we typically carry. 

Please let us know how much you would like, either by weight or numbered quantity.

  • Apples - local Peck Farm, sold by the each
  • Avacados  - sold by the each
  • Bananas
  • Basil - packaged bunch
  • Broccoli - single head, sometimes two
  • Cauliflower - by the head
  • Carrots, organic - packaged bunch, about 1 pound
  • Celery - packaged stalk
  • Cilantro - packaged bunch
  • Cucumbers - full size long cucumbers, wrapped in plastic
  • Garlic - fresh, let us know how many heads
  • Ginger - fresh, let us know how much you want
  • Green beans - pacakged in small bags, about 1/2-1 lb
  • Green cabbage, organic
  • Green onions / scallions - packaged bunch
  • Kiwis - sold by the each
  • Lemons - sold by the each
  • Lettuce, leafy head or lettuce mix 
  • Limes - sold by the each
  • Mushrooms - sold by the pound, let us know how much you want
  • Oranges - sold by the each
  • Parsley - packaged bunch
  • Pears, red crimson - sold by the each
  • Potatoes - Yukon gold, let us know how many pounds or potatoes
  • Red onions - sold by the each, priced by weight
  • Red peppers - sold by the each, priced by weight
  • Scallions - packaged bunch
  • Spinach - packaged in small bags, about 4oz
  • Squash, zucchini
  • Sweet potatoes - let us know how many pounds or potatoes you want
  • Tomatoes, organic from Cate Farm - sold by the each, priced by weight
  • Yams - let us know how many pounds or yams you want
  • Yellow onions - sold in 2 lb bags
  • Zucchini 

Manghi's Bread: 

Delivered Fresh every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

*If you have a special request, please contact Manghi's directly at 223-3676 and ask them to include your requested item(s) with their next delivery to Adamant Co-op. Upon it's arrival in store, you will then be able to purchase it via phone order and pick it curbside.


Patchwork Bread: 

Delivered fresh every Tuesday


Grocery staples: 

New items added: Sugar cones and Rainbow sprinkles!


Snacks - Chips, Chocolate/Candy, Cookies, Dried Fruits/Nuts, Sodas:


  • Barbara's Cheese Puffs - Gluten Free
  • Deep River potata chips, original sea salt / sea salt & vinegar - large bag
  • Goldfish cheese crackers, small single serve bags
  • Garden of Eatin Red Hot Blue chips
  • Green Mountain Gringo tortilla strips
  • Popcorn - small Bag
  • Popcorn - microwave and kernel available as well
  • Regenie's Mediterranean Falafal chips
  • Unique Sourgough pretzel rings


  • Breton Gluten Free herb and garlic crackers
  • Carr's table crackers
  • Crunchmaster gluten free multi grain hexagonal crackers
  • Good Thins Gluten Free rice crackers, simply salt
  • Keebler cheese and peanut butter cracker snack packs
  • Nabisco graham crackers
  • Premium saltines
  • Sesmark Rice Thins, brown rice or sesame, Gluten Free
  • Sesmark Wheat Thins (NOT gluten free) - original
  • Stoned Wheat thins - regular and mini size
  • Triscuit
  • Westminster Bakers soup and snack crackers
  • Wheat Thins


  • Chocolate bars - Lake Champlain,  Rabble Rouser, Jelina, Equal Exchange
  • Biscolata DuoMax Hazelnut bar
  • Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles - $0.45
  • Ghirardelli chocolate squares - $0.55
  • Candy bars - Reeses, Hersheys milk chocolate, Hersheys milk chocolate with almonds, Snickers, Junior Mints - $1.25
  • Organic Moo milk chocolate bar with creamy milk 
  • Penny and nickel candies
  • Organic fruit chews
  • Lifesavers
  • Tic Tacs
  • Chewing gum - Trident, Bazooka


  • Eva's homemade decadent brownies - walnut fudge - $2.50
  • Animal crackers
  • Anna's Swedish Thins - ginger
  • Annie's Bunny Grahams cinnamon
  • Back to Nature chocolate chunk cookies
  • British ginger snaps
  • Field Day organic vanilla animal cookies
  • Fig Newtons
  • Lara's chocolate chip cookies, boxed
  • Made Good - gluten free Choclate Banana granola bars
  • McVities - Digestives biscuits, Ginger nuts, Hobnobs
  • Nabisco graham crackers
  • Nature's Bakery Gluten Free Fig bar, small pack - raspberry
  • Nature's Bakery Fig bars, (NOT gluten free) box of 6 - raspberry, blueberry
  • Newman's Own orange chocolate chip cookies
  • Oreos
  • Pepperidge Farm milano cookies single pack
  • Poppies Belgian chocolate macaroons
  • Walkers Highlan Oat crackers
  • Walkers Mini choc chip shortbread rounds
  • Walkers Mini shortbread fingers
  • Walkers single pack shortbread

Dried fruits/nuts/bars

  • Chocolate covered almonds, peanut butter filled pretzels, trail mix, sesame sticks, dried mango, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered malted balls, vanilla coated pretzels, candied ginger, plain raisins, shredded coconut
  • Fruit leather
  • KIND fruit and nut bars
  • Luna bars
  • Health Warrior chia bars
  • SuperSeedz Gourmet Pumpking Seeds

Ice cream

  • Ben & Jerry's pints - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough / Chocolate Fudge Brownie / Mint Chocolate Cookie / Salted Caramel Core
  • Strafford Organic pints - Vanilla / Chocolate / Coffee / Sweet Guernsey Cream / Smooth Maple 
  • Wilcox's pints - Vanilla / Chocolate / Maple Cream
  • Ice cream novelty treats - ice cream cones, pops, bars packaged individually


  • Adam & Eve juice boxes
  • Aqua ViTea Kombucha - Blueberry / Elderberry  Ginger / Hibiscus Ginger Lime / Turmeric Sunrise - $3.75
  • Arizone Ice Tea - $0.99
  • Blue Sky Soda - Lemon Lime / Black Cherry / Root Beer / Ginger Ale / Cherry Vanilla - $0.95
  • Diet Coke - $0.95
  • GUS Soda - pomegranate / cranberry lime / ruby grapefruit / blackberry / ginger ale - $1.75
  • Juicy Juice juice boxes
  • Polar Ginger Ale  - $1.25
  • Polar Orange drink - $1.25
  • Polar Tonic water - $1.25
  • Reed Ginger Brew - $1.85
  • RW Knudson Morning Blend juice
  • San Pelligrino cans - pomegranate and orange / blood orange / lemon / prickly pear and orange - $1.35
  • San Pelligrino 750 ml - $1.99
  • Sap soda - $2.50
  • Tearana craft iced tea
  • V8. large and small bottles
  • Vintage seltzer water - $1.25


Household & Cleaning Supplies:


Beer & Wine: 

Many local beer and wine options, please look through pictures.


Adamant Gift Shop: 
Uncommon, local gifts for any occasion.
Adamant gear
  • Adamant Coop temporary tattoos - $0.25
  • Adamant Coop bumper stickers - $1
  • Adamant Coop hats - $16.50
  • Adamant Coop mugs - $7.99
  • Adamant Coop reusable tote bags - $6 
  • Adamant Coop cookbooks - $20
  • Adamant Coop t-shirts - $20
  • Adamant Coop soap by Elmore Mountain Farm, boxed
Local goods
  • Elmore Mountain Farm hand balm tins
  • Elmore Mountain Farm wrapped soaps
  • Elmore Mountain Farm second soaps - $2.99
  • Handmade scented soaps by Jezebel Crow - $4
  • Handmade lavender satchels - $1
  • Handmade lavender soaps - $2.50
  • Danica candles votives - $1.75
  • Danica candles 9" - $3.75
  • Danica candles 13" - $4.25
  • Felted acorns - $1
  • Pocket wood heart in a bag - $8
  • Vermont hardwood buttons - $3
  • Janet MacLeod paintings, mini paintings, posters, and cards
  • Sage Barber Medicinal Plant cards - $3, box of 4 for $10
  • Join Clemens cards and bookmarks - $1-3
  • Sharon Graves cards - $3
  • Carve design cards - packs and individuals 
  • Lin Fisher pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Boxed earrings - $1
  • Assorted earrings - $5-10
  • Bracelets - $5
  • Wool Penny Pins - $7
  • Sterling silver earrings - $18
  • Necklaces 
  • And Books!