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The Buying Club

The co-op orders from two grocery wholesalers - United and Associated. Anyone who wants to can place an order through the co-op. This is a great way to save money especially on sale stuff. You can get groceries, bulk food, refrigerated items including dairy, supplements, etc.

The co-op places orders with both United and Associated once a month. Check at the store for the order scheduling.

Kinds of Stuff Available

From United: bulk items, and cases of canned goods, juices, toilet paper, pet food, etc.
From Associated: you can buy in smaller amounts, individual items, condiments, toiletries, bulk grains, pet food, household items, ethnic food

How to order from Associated

  1. Borrow a catalog from the co-op. Please, please return the catalog within one day, so that others can use it.
  2. Write down what you want, clearly indicated the item number, the quantity you want to order, the price per item and total price, and the page number where the item is located in the catalog (so we can check item numbers). Order forms are available at the Co-op, and can also be downloaded from the Co-op
  3. Calculate your total cost. Please remember to include tax for nonfood stuff other than clothing and co-op fee.
  4. Bring your order and check to the store before the ordering deadline. Or you can e-mail your order to Janet Wass. If you e-mail your order in, please do so the day before the ordering deadline. Orders for Associated go in on Fridays. Orders for United go in on Thursdays.
  5. Please pick up your stuff promptly - especially if you have refrigerated and frozen stuff, as we have very limited storage space. Associated deliveries are on the Wednesday after the order goes in. United deliveries are on the Monday after the order goes in.
  6. Enjoy your stuff, and thanks for supporting the co-op!


Please call the co-op (802-223-5760) or call or e-mail Janet at home to find out when the next order will go in. Janet Wass is the Buying Club Coordinator. Her e-mail address is, and home phone is 802-454-8527